living over existing helps creative women to build a purposeful brand & navigate through life as an entrepreneur.

Living Over Existing is a media company that provides helpful resources, tips and advice that creative women need to live their life and create their business on purpose. Whether you are looking to take the leap into turning your idea into a profitable business, ready to take your current brand to the next level or you're simply just figuring out what's next, Living Over Existing is an online platform dedicated to helping creative women build an incredible brand and successfully navigate through life as an entrepreneur.

There are tons of resources that will teach you HOW to start or grow a business but not many that will help you live a purposeful life as an entrepreneur. 


The LOE Girl is a mother, a wife, she's dating, dealing with anxiety or simply trying to avoid burning out. Everything we create here is to help her not only excel in her business but also in her life as an entrepreneur.


The podcast digs deep into the stories of creative women on how they're living out their purpose despite setbacks, fears, failures and more.


The LOE Shop features products and digital resources designed to help women take their business & career to the next level.


Articles geared towards entrepreneurship, lifestyle and wellness for the creative entrepreneur who wants to live her best life.



Alisha Robertson is a creative business coach dedicated to helping creative women live their life & create their business on purpose. She’s a self-published author of the Living Over Existing book and the creator behind several physical products created to help online business owners gain clarity, organize and build their brands. Through her work, Alisha empowers women to uncover their voice, ditch fear, gain clarity & begin making money doing what they love. 


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