you don’t have to sacrifice the life you desire in order to grow a successful business.

Living Over Existing is an ecommerce and digital media company for creative women who desire to live their life and create their business on purpose. For so long women have been told that we have to sacrifice our ideal life in order to successfully run a company but we believe that women can have both. Through our content and products Living Over Existing aims to reshape what entrepreneurship looks like for women by providing them with the resources they need to not only build a profitable business but also live an intentional life around entrepreneurship.


what we do


The LOE Podcast digs deep into the stories of creative women on how they're living out their purpose despite setbacks, fears, failures and more.


The LOE Shop features products and digital resources designed to help women take their business & career to the next level.


We write weekly articles geared towards entrepreneurship, lifestyle and wellness for the creative entrepreneur who wants to live her best life.



Alisha Robertson is an author and business coach dedicated to helping creative women live their life & create their business on purpose. She founded LOE after not only experiencing severe burnout but also hearing a demand from other women entrepreneurs who desperately needed a space that helped them to focus on both their life and business.



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