living over existing is an online platform for creative women seeking to live their life & create their business on purpose.

Whether you are looking to take the leap into turning your idea into a profitable business, wanting to take your current brand to the next level or you're simply just figuring out what's next, Living Over Existing is an online platform dedicated to showcasing the journeys of creative women from all different backgrounds and industries and how they are choosing to live a life of intention. Here we believe that authentic storytelling is powerful; It builds community, motivates you to take action and shows you that you are in fact, not alone. The purpose of this online space is for you to learn from the stories of other powerful women from all walks of life, be motivated to dig deeper into what you are called to do and be provided with the necessary strategies needed to begin making money doing what you love.



An audio outlet that digs deep into the stories of creative women on how they're living out their purpsoe despite setbacks, fears, failures and more.


Living Over Existing teaches you how to push past the mental barriers like fear, comparison and self-doubt that are holding you back from turning your idea into a profitable business.


Alisha Robertson is a creative business coach dedicated to helping creative women live their life & create their business on purpose. She’s a self-published author of the Living Over Existing book and the creator behind several physical products created to help online business owners gain clarity, organize and build their brands. Through her work, Alisha empowers women to uncover their voice, ditch fear, gain clarity & begin making money doing what they love. 


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