Busy Schedule? No Problem! 6 Tips For Eating Healthier When Business Is Booming


The entrepreneur lifestyle can be riddled with stressors.

Often, as entrepreneurs, we choose to eat away our stress in fatty foods, and quick meals. While these solutions are tasty at the moment, the long-term consequences add up.

Unhealthy food choices can limit your daily energy, affect brain function, lower your immune exposing you to illness and keeping you sick longer and weaken your muscles causing back and shoulder pain.

But, there often never seems enough time each day to choose to eat healthy. What you may not know is that making small changes in your current routine can have a lasting impact. You don’t have to sign on to a diet plan to be healthy. Instead, try the following tips that aim to make healthier food easier to access.

Just because business is booming doesn't mean you have to turn to greasy fast food and unhealthy snacks! Here are 6 tips to still eat healthy when you're busier than ever.

Buy your favorite foods in bulk

One of the best ways to eat healthier is by buying in bulk. If you’re like me, when the good groceries run out you’re more likely to eat out for a few meals. Or, you run out of grits and bacon, so you spend the rest of the day eating snacks because you’re whole meal day has been shaken.

That will happen significantly less if you buy your essential food in bulk. Take note of the foods that truly set the tone for each day: coffee, tea, breakfast dishes, snacks. Purchase larger portions of those items at places like Costco, Sam’s Club, or Amazon. With Amazon, you can also subscribe & save: subscribe to monthly delivery and pay a smaller amount.

Make your own snacks

I’ve realized recently that the most unhealthy things I consume are snacks. Cookies, trail mix, chips, etc. They are all created with low-budget, processed ingredients that are not good for me long term.

Probably the most overlooked way to eat healthy is to start making a few of your favorite snacks. Things like granola bars, trail mix, and chips can be easily made with a few ingredients and access to a stove.

When you start making your own snacks consider the following substitutions for certain ingredients:

  • Use stevia instead of sugar
  • 2% milk (which is essentially milk and water together)
  • Substitute traditional flour with wheat flour
  • Use egg whites instead of whole eggs
  • Use canola, sunflower, or olive oil instead of vegetable oil
  • Use honey instead of sugar for nut-based dishes like trail mix, or granola

You can also look for no-bake recipes for snacks like cookies, brownies, and cheesecakes. And, you may even find that making your snacks is a great way to destress from work.

Track your spending

As much as we often hate looking at the numbers, they are a great indicator of our priorities. It’s easier to make healthy eating a priority when you’re tracking your spending. The trick is to sign up for daily (yes, daily!) emails, or texts, containing your bank account balance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up tired and wanting to eat out, only to get a balance alert in an email.

Receiving balance alerts is also helpful to stop bad habits. I used to order Uber Eats almost daily (I know! I’m kinda embarrassed). During stressful weeks, I was always able to justify the purchase. There is nothing like getting a balance alert after a week of dietary carnage to shame you into eating better.

Similarly, it’s easier to stop eating out when you get in the habit of checking your bank account balance before you place that order. If you have bills coming out, or a bunch of pending payments, don’t make that purchase. The more you do this, the stronger your discipline, and willpower, will get. Trust and believe that it will be hard when you start, though.

If you are one to celebrate great accomplishments with food (like I am), the biggest remedy for shenanigan eating is to pay all your bills AND move money to savings first. If you’re like me, you’ll suddenly see a smaller balance and be discouraged from spending 50-11 dollars on that whole cheesecake and go to the grocery store instead (don’t judge me LOL.)

You’ll be less like to eat out if you have food you enjoy on hand. Sit down and create a grocery list each week. Whenever you get the desire to eat out, don’t. If you don’t have access to a car to grocery shop, you may have access to services like Instacart. You can load up your grocery list and have your groceries delivered to you for the same delivery fee as eating out one meal.

Note: It’s much easier to stick to eating at home when you have your meals within grabbing distance. We’ll talk about creating grab and go meals, via meal prepping, in a second.

It’s easier to make healthy eating a priority when you’re tracking your spending.

Invest in a meal delivery service

Meal boxes, like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, make it so easy to have a healthy dinner. What I love about food boxes is that they deliver the exact ingredients you need to make the recipe.

So, you don’t need to waste time in the grocery store, you don’t need to figure out what you’re eating, and you don’t need to measure ingredients. It’s essentially a pre-prepped meal. If you’re wanting to try something new or to shake up your food routine, a meal box service might be the way to go.

Consider meal prepping

This is my favorite way to eat healthy. Throughout the week I figure out what I want to eat next week. Then I pick a day to prep my meals. Meals are cooked, salads are prepackaged in bento boxes, and portions are measured out and bagged.

If you’re new to meal prepping and want some easy tips to start:

  • Cook at least one soup a week. Soups are easy to pack up in containers.
  • Portion out your snacks based on the serving size. Bag each serving separately.
  • Portion out your salad toppings, and stack them in jars. Add your lettuce when you are ready to create your salad.
  • If you eat smoothies or oatmeal in the morning, pack a day’s worth of blends and toppings in a single jar.
  • If you want to meal prep meats, leave them slightly undercooked. The Microwave will finish the cooking when you’re ready to eat it. This works for every meat except pork and chicken.
  • Make crock pot recipes and casseroles. Separate each serving in its own container.
  • Cook vegetable dishes ahead of time. Separate each serving in its own container.

Make stronger choices

Lastly, it’s so much easier to eat better when you aren’t packing foolishness in your refrigerator. If you don’t want to eat shenanigans, don’t buy shenanigans. When you’re busy, there are plenty of days that you just want to grab and go. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Stock better food, and you’ll snack on better food. If you get nothing from this article, please take note of this tip.

Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure because we fill our homes with junk food. If you find yourself constantly reaching for the chip bag, it may be time to avoid the chip aisle in the grocery store. You can even try replacing potato chips with fruit, or vegetable, chips.

Spend some time researching healthier alternatives to the foods you are binging on. And, if you realize there’s another reason you’re snacking or overeating, don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist. Often our unhealthy eating habits are a symptom of mental, or emotional, pain and not lack of discipline. There’s no shame in talking to a therapist when you need to. After all, mental health is just as important as physical health.


written by brittany melton

Brittany Melton is a WordPress Web Designer and Developer, Podcaster, and Chief Pokémon Trainer. Visit her website.