How To Use Your Sundays To Have The Best Week Ever


I'll admit, I am the first person who becomes overly anxious, annoyed and irritated with Monday mornings. Being thrown into a new week after spending the weekend relaxing and cozied up with Netflix puts my mind and body into a constant state of shock that I have yet to get used to even after being on this Earth for nearly 30 years. To say it's rough, would be an understatement. But what I quickly got tired of was walking into a new week and feeling like I was missing out on a full day because of my attitude. Instead of feeling productive and using Mondays to get a head start on my tasks for the week, I would spend the majority of the day grunting and complaining about how there needs to be a day between Saturday and Sunday.

Thus shortening my work week and the amount of stuff that I was able to complete. So instead of jumping into the new week blindly, I decided to change how I treated my Sundays. While I still prioritize rest and self-care, I also take some time to think about what needs to be done for the week ahead, place important meetings and clients calls into my planner and mentally prepare myself for the week to come.

Below is the process that I take myself through each and every Sunday. While I will probably never be excited about waking up at 5:30 every morning, preparing for the week ahead of time does take away a lot of the frustration that I previously felt about Mondays.

1. Church & Rest

Let's be real, after a full week of work I have to take some time to reconnect spiritually and to also let my mind and body rest. I typically aim to go to the early morning service at my church so that I have more time in my day to chill out and to prepare for the week ahead. Re-connecting spiritually always gets my head back into the game and gives me that boost (or pep talk) that I need to continue pushing towards my purpose. I also do check-ins with my faith every morning through reading a devotional (Sun Stand Still is a great one for ambitious women like us) and journaling. 

I then I highly prioritize rest. Not the type of rest where you're still typing away on your laptop. But the type of rest that often requires passing out on the couch or hopping right back into bed. I don't nap during the week and depending on how loaded the week is I often start my days very early and end rather late. So by the time Sunday rolls around my body is exhausted. 

I used to feel guilty about taking these long stints of sleep on Sundays but I definitely notice the difference in my productivity and overall in how I feel when I allow my body to catch up on the sleep that it missed out on during the week. I encourage you, if you can steal an hour to yourself or simply knock out during your kids nap time, your body and mind will thank you!

Did you know that how you spend your Sunday can have a huge affect on the success of your upcoming week? Check out these tips on how to use your Sundays to make sure you have the best week ever!

2. Prepare for the week

This is the part of the day where I pull out my planner and calendar and dig into what I should expect going into the new work week.

  1. First I look through my calendar and take note of any meetings, appointments or client calls that I have coming up that week. I use Acuity Scheduling for my client and podcast guest scheduling and can't begin to stress how much of a life saver the platform has been for me! It also syncs to my iCal which makes it easy for me to access all of my engagements through my phone or laptop. After I take a look at what I have coming up, I write all of those meetings into my planner (I've been using our Ultimate Weekly Business Planner) I do this because I'm typically looking at my physical planner all day everyday and also because I try to limit the amount of time I'm on my phone.

  2. I then move on to writing out my to-do list for the week. Based on what I have coming up for the week, I will plan tasks around any time that I have where I'm not talking with someone. These tasks usually consist of prepping for coaching calls, planning out our social media calendar for the week, wrapping up any unfinished projects, etc. I also add in any personal to-do's into my planner as well to make sure that I don't miss and overbook myself (which I have done before). For more tips on how to plan out your weekly to-do's check out this article, "5 Tips For Creating A Better Daily To-Do List"

  3. Lastly, I clear out my inbox so that I am starting with a blank slate come Monday morning. Nothing irritates me more than seeing 100 unread messages bright and early on Monday, so I try to at least sift through what's important and what's spam before the week begins. I usually try to do this as well on Fridays so that I don't have thousands of emails piled up over the weekend.

3. Practice Self-Care

Self care looks different for everyone, so don't let anyone tell you that you're doing it wrong. For me the act of watching 10 episodes of a new show or rewatching the Sex & The City movie for the 12th time is an act of self care. I can relax, catch up on the show that I missed which I typically don't have time to do during the week and just live in the moment before work and other responsibilities demand my attention. Sundays are also when I typically take the time to wash my hair, paint my toes and give myself a facial. All things that I struggle to find the time to do during the busy work week. Whatever self-care looks like to you, whether it be eating all of your favorite foods or spending time with family, try to really make it a priority!

If you struggle with seeing the beauty in Mondays and bouncing back from the weekend, I challenge you to change your Sunday routine for one month and rate how much better you feel, how much more productive you are in your work and how your overall attitude changes for the better.


written by alisha robertson

Alisha is a business coach, author and founder of Living Over Existing. Visit her personal website.