What's The Point Of Being Successful If You're Lonely?


Every since I was a child I have been fascinated with magazines, more specifically, the letters from the editor. I loved how the letters gave you a peak into the editors mind, their process and purpose behind each issue and what they hoped you would take away from their months of hard work. Even though the editors were very important people who seemed so out of reach as a child, it built a specific connection that continued to inspire me throughout my life to pursue a career in journalism. While I know that LOE isn't a magazine, if I had to describe how I want this space to feel and how I want to shape every piece of content, the first word that comes to mind is editorial.

I'm excited to pop into this space each month to write my own editor letters to you. A piece of me that not only soothes my urge to write but gives you a peak into my mind and a behind the scenes look of what I'm building here.  

Years ago while working at an electronic store I remember a beautiful black woman who seemed to be in her later 40s come through my checkout line to purchase a TV. She had this certain aura and confidence about her that I could only describe as "looking like money." 

As she checked out and the warehouse guys rolled the TV out to her car, they immediately realized that it would not fit into her backseat. Wanting to avoid paying the same-day delivery charge, they asked the woman if there was anyone that she could call to come and pick the TV up for her.

I remember her standing there for a moment scrolling through her phone and almost instantly after they asked her to call a friend, her warm smile turned into a look of concern. She didn't seem upset or even a little frustrated. It was more of a look of sadness. And after a few moments of back and forth she finally decided to just pay for the delivery.

As I was getting her set up she looks up at me and says something that literally broke my heart but has also stuck with me years later.

While signing the paperwork she looked up at me and said, "You know, I spent so much time growing my career and making a name for myself that I never took the time to build real relationships with people. I can't believe I have no one to call."

It just blew my mind how someone so successful, who was dressed to the nines, wealthy and seemingly happy had no one to share it all with. Not even someone she could call to ask for a simple favor like picking up a TV.

While I don't know what her specific reasoning's were for not cultivating those relationships, as women, I often feel like we are forced to choose. Either have the successful career and put your personal life on hold OR wait for everything to be perfect in your life before taking your career to the next level. It's a choice that we often come up with on our own or a choice that has been passed down from what we've seen other generations do.

Myliek even posted something similar on her Twitter that reminded me of how much this narrative affects us.

Even after feeling heartbroken for the woman I met that day in the electronic store, I've also experienced it too. I worked my butt off to grow my coaching business just to look up out of a haze of hustle to find out that the world and the people around me had moved on without me. Unlike a business that you can continue to work on, that time with the people you love and actually living life is irreplaceable.

"I believe that women shouldn't have to choose. That we can be successful and feel fulfilled in our careers while ALSO having the life we desire."

That's why I am working to grow Living Over Existing. As a brand we not only cater to helping women entrepreneurs succeed in their business but also helping them to live an intentional life around entrepreneurship. You're more than just your business, the grind or the daily hustle. And whether you want to be a mom, travel the world, have kids or just have a super poppin' social life, I believe that you can have it ALL. Yes it does take some sacrifices and knowing that having it all and doing it all on your own are very different things. But I don't believe it is impossible. This is a mission that I personally feel like God has purposed me to do.

If you would like to be apart of helping me to continue to spread our message to women entrepreneurs around the world, I encourage you to check out our crowdfunding campaign. I've also created several rewards you can receive in exchange for your contribution that will help you with business growth.


written by alisha robertson

alisha is an author, business coach and founder of living over existing. Learn more about her mission.