The Secret To Never Running Out Of Ideas Again


As a blogger, infopreneur, coach or just an all around creative, the pressure to constantly create new and helpful resources for your audience can be overwhelming. Not only do you feel the pressure to help those who covet your brand but you know that content, in almost any form, can help you to build trust among your audience, increase your income and prove you to be an expert in your industry. But constantly creating incredible content is often easier said than done.

Often we create so much that we end up hitting a major roadblock in our creative process. Forming a complete sentence feels almost impossible and every idea that comes to mind we feel is tragic in every shape and form.

I have had my fair share of falling deep into a creative rut. Not being able to come up with any good blog, podcast or product ideas can be intimidating and can stir up all types of fraudy feelings if you don't figure out a way to push past it. My most recent rut sent me spiraling into thinking that my business was going to be over, that my purpose was meaningless and that I was going to go broke. But I'm here to let you know that these ruts do not last forever nor does it meant that you need to throw in the towel all together. If you're feeling stuck or just need a little guidance with coming up with new ideas, whether it be for blog posts or new products, I want to share with you an exercise that has helped me and my coaching clients to get out of the rut and begin generating new ideas almost instantly!

Before we get started, I want you to analyze what it is that you're currently consuming. A lot of times we put ourselves into these ruts, not because we no longer have anything to say, but because we are spending way too much time consuming other people's content that we don't leave enough space to create our own. If you find yourself spending 80% of your time on other blogs, YouTube channels or Instagrams, then take a hiatus for a week. Come back and try to create. I guarantee you the words and ideas will begin to flow.

Also, I've created a quick worksheet for you to use with the exercise below! (No email required, simply click the button below and download it!)

if you're struggling to come up with new ideas, it may be because you're spending too much time consuming content from others.

STEP 1: Brain Dump

On your worksheet you will see that you have three questions separated into three different columns.

  1. What do you currently know about your industry?

  2. What did you wish you knew about your industry 3-5 years ago?

  3. What is your audience currently struggling with?

For this portion, I want you to brain dump your answers to each of these three questions. There is also space for you to go through this in The Pocket Content Planner. Don't overthink it or worry about writing in complete sentences. Write down everything that comes to mind while answering these three questions even if your answers overlap.

STEP 2: Analyze

Now that you have brain dumped, every single answer you wrote down to each of those questions can be turned into some type of content. Go back through the list and remove any answers that may have been duplicated.

STEP 3: Organize

Now that you have a solid list of ideas, it's time for you to organize them into the types of content that you create whether that be blog posts, videos, Facebook Lives, an ecourse or maybe a new service.

I do this exercise every single time that i find myself in a creative rut and it digs me out every single time! Not only do I have fresh content ideas but it also helps me to get a better perspective of what areas I should be focusing on in order to better help my audience.

a few other ways to help you continuously come up with new ideas


If you're struggling to create content around your audience's needs, the best way to figure out what they want is to simply ask them. I send out a survey for my personal brand twice a year and the answers always gives me a ton of new content ideas. Trust me your audience wants you to help them, but they won't always be so vocal about it so don't be afraid to ask.

To create your survey you can use a free tool like:

Simply grab the link once you're done and share it with your audience!


If you've been creating content for any amount of time, then you should 100% be repurposing that old content into new stuff. You can turn old videos into new blog posts, you can turn Facebook Lives into a full YouTube video, and you can even turn a service into a full ecourse. If you don't take anything else away from this article, I highly suggest going back through your old content and seeing what you can revamp. Even updating a old blog post with new examples can be a great way to get eyes on what you're creating!

The next time you feel as if you don't have anything else to say or create, revert back to this exercise and just watch how many ideas begin to flow!

For more advice on brainstorming, planning and creating incredible content, check out The Pocket Content Planner in the LOE shop.


written by alisha nicole

Alisha Nicole is an author, business coach and the founder of Living Over Existing. Visit her website.

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