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the only thing stopping you from pursuing your dreams is making the bold choice to live on purpose. 


What’s stopping you from pursuing your dream of entrepreneurship?


From time limitations to budget restrictions or simply not knowing where to start, we often abandon so many of our lifelong desires and dreams based on situations that can be controlled. But when it comes to turning your idea into a profitable business, you’d be surprised to know that your lack of know-how or current time constraints are the least of your worries. What holds many creative women back from starting their business or taking their idea to the next level are the mental barriers like fear, self doubt and comparison that paralyze you into believing that you are not capable of living your wildest dreams.

It's time to abandon fear, act on your deffered dreams and dig deeper into what you were called to do.

From feeling hopelessly lost and insecure to taking a leap of faith and launching a thriving online brand, Alisha Robertson takes us along her journey to Living Over Existing. With a focus on authentic storytelling, strengthening your faith and providing actionable steps, Alisha will help you to uncover your purpose and move past the different barriers that are currently holding you back from living your life and building your business on purpose. Read the full introduction HERE.


living over existing is for:

  • Women who feel they are ready to take a major leap of faith but are unsure of how to get past the fears and doubts that have been holding them back

  • Women who feel voiceless or small in a word that is always chattering

  • Women who feel they have been called to do something greater with their life but are unsure of what their calling may be

  • Women who are ready to connect their business with their faith and allow God to use their gifts and talents for a greater purpose

  • Women who are simply ready to stop settling for safe and playing small with their purpose


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what's inside

Living Over Existing is split up into four main sections that will help you to shift your mindset, dig deeper into what you were called to do, get clear and push past what's holding you back and also put action behind what you desire.



Chapter 1: What Does It Look Like To Live?

Chapter 2: Are You Willing To Change?


Uncovering Your Purpose

Chapter 3: Lack of Purpose

Chapter 4: Uncovering Your Purpose

Chapter 5: Pursuing Your Purpose Despite Of


THE Mental Obstacles

Chapter 6: Fear Will Cripple You

Chapter 7: Dealing With Your Inner Critic

Chapter 8: Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

Chapter 9: Releasing Anxiety



Chapter 10: Building Your Faith

Chapter 11: Take Action


about the author

Over five years ago I found myself hysterically crying on my jobs bathroom floor – I had reached my breaking point. I was tired of working in a job that I hated. Tired of watching everyone around me dig deeper into their purpose. Tired of being held back by fear and self doubt. Tired of just existing. It wasn't until I hit that point did I realize that I was the one holding myself back. That if I could just take one step towards pushing past my fears, doubts and worries that I could have whatever I desired. So I took a step. And one step turned into another until I had fully leaped into what I was created to do. With God's help, I have been able to see what He see's in me and build an online platform to help other creative women do the same. This book is my heart on paper. It's a testimony that I hope will show you that everything you desire can be made possible once you simply choose to live. 

excerpts from the book

Often throughout our life we come to a crossroad where what we thought was our calling turns out to only be a chapter leading up to our purpose.
— Chapter Three: Lack of Purpose
With every job rejection, every unanswered email and every sale that went unpurchased, I believed that even if it didn’t work out for me in those moments that eventually it would all make sense.
— chapter ten: building your faith
You’ll exhaust yourself trying to win everyone’s approval when Gods is the only one that matters.
— Chapter FIVE: Pursuing Your Purpose Despite Of
Fear can not physically harm you but it will hinder you from living your life and pursuing your purpose.
— chpater six: fear will cripple you
When we allow criticism to hold us back from walking in our calling, we are doing a disservice to those who need us.
— Chapter FIVE: Pursuing Our Purpose Despite Of
Your mind can be both your saving grace and your worse enemy, it’s up to you to choose which is worth listening to.
— chapter seven: dealing with your inner critic

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