EP 11: Building A Digital Media Company with Bryanda Law of Quirktastic Media


Bryanda Law is the founder and editor in chief of Quirktastic Media, an online platform for geeks, nerds, alternatives and free-spirits of color. I had a chance to chat with Bryanda about her early beginnings of Quirktastic and how she rebranded despite naysayers, how getting really clear on her target audience has helped her to grow her brand and also how she took the leap of faith from scientist to full-time business owner!

I truly admire the brand that Bryanda as built not only because of how organic her growth over the past few years has been but also how she is running a business based off of something she loves, her own way. If you are currently looking to turn your blog into a business or if you need the extra courage to take a major leap, this episode is a must listen!

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Alisha Byrd