EP 13: How To Build A Business That Fits Your Life With Kyla Roma


Is the business you're running match your desired lifestyle? If you're always burnt out or feeling like you have to constantly work on your business to be successfully, then chances are you're focusing on the wrong things. In this week's episode, i chat with brand strategist, Kyla Roma about her journey, how she partnered with a friend to build an incredibly fast growing design agency, how she has built her personal brand and how you can begin building a profitable business around the life that you want to live. I don't remember how I first discovered Kyla, but I do remember falling in love with her practical yet strategic content!

My biggest takeaway from this episode would have to be "Your business should help you in the way you help others." Meaning we shouldn't feel like we have to work 12hours a day in our business in order for it to be successful. Kyla hits on the point that if we focus on what is actually working in our business and less on the other stuff then that's how you begin to build a successful business1



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Alisha Byrd