EP 14: What I Wish I Knew: An Honest Conversation About What It's Really Like To Be An Entrepreneur


What is it really like to be an entrepreneur? Like past the fact that you get to make your own rules, hours and can work from anywhere you want. The word "entrepreneur" right now is definitely a sexy buzz word and owning your own business is often glamorized as a "cake walk". But what is it really like to take the leap and run your own business full-time? In this episode I chat about some of the things that i wish someone would have told me before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. I cover how I wish someone would have told me how hard it would be to run a business full time, how to manage your finances, getting insurance and so much more! I share all of this not to scare you or to run you off from wanting to run your own business but to literally share what i wish I would have been told years ago!


"You'll know in your gut when it's time for you to take the leap"

"You gotta get this money & you can't let anyone stop you from getting YOUR money."


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Alisha Byrd