EP 19: Leveling Up Your Personal Brand With Maya Elious


One piece of advice that I really try to get through to my clients and really anyone who asks me for help in their business it that you can not be afraid to change and grow, especially if you are building a personal brand. While these shifts can be scary, they are often necessary for us to take the next step. That's why I am excited to have Maya Elious on this week's episode! We chat about her journey from designing MySpace pages and flyers to her coaching other women on how to build their personal brand. To how she is now building her own branding agency, Built To Impact. She also drops some really good advice for those who are in the beginning stages of building their brand as well!

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Your first step should always be your messaging. Your messaging is about your purpose...why are you even doing this? Who do you want to serve and what problem do you want to solve?

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