EP 25: Trusting Your Destiny Moments with Ashley Sutton


Have you ever been through a season where you're confused and it feels like absolutely nothing is going your way? But at the same time you feel as if you're supposed to be doing more? This weeks guest, calls those your "destiny moments." Those small moments of uncertainty that are ultimately leading you to a greater purpose! In this episode I chat with life and leadership strategist, Ashley Sutton. We dig deep into her journey starting from the moment she decided to quit her job and travel the world to her dig deeper into her purpose. How that experience led er to writing her first book. And also how her journey has shaped her mission to help other women and girls dig into their purpose and share their own stories.

Check out Ashley's first book "Dreams of Joy" and be on the lookout for her upcoming release of her latest book, "Evolve" launching this Spring!


"God make me better before you make me bigger"

"You never want to teach what you have not yet mastered."


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