EP 27: Focusing On Quality Over Quantity With Regina Anaejionu of ByRegina.com


I am so extremely excited for this week's episode because I have a chance to chat with my mentor in my head Regina Anaejionu of ByRegina.com! I have followed and learned from Regina’s business wisdom over the past few years and am so excited to have her on the show this week to dig deeper into her story! In this episode we chat about where her love of entrepreneurship, the many businesses she ran before dedicating her personal brand to helping other business owners, the incredible community she has built and why we should be focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to our content!

Also, to celebrate hitting 10k podcast downloads we are hosting a giveaway! All of the details for how to enter into the contest is in this week's episode! :)


The lack of focus and you trying to sell 17 different things means that you don't sell one of them well.


Regina's Medium Article - Help Me Daily Self-Reflection, You're My Only Hope


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