EP 29: From Blogger To Conference Curator With Stacey Ferguson


In this week’s episode, I chat with brand strategist, business coach and Chief Curator of the Blogalicious conference and community, Stacey Ferguson! I had a chance to attend and speak at last years Blogalicious conference and after having such an incredible experience, I knew that I had to get her on the show! Stacey has been featured in publications like Southern Living, Ebony, The Washington Post and Black Enterprise. She is a pro at curating community through incredible events and is now helping other women do the same. In this episode we chat about the purpose and start of the Blogalicious community and conference, how she transitioned from her career as an attorney to full-time entrepreneur and so much more.


Living on purpose is tapping into what your gift is and making sure you’re doing everything you can to deliver it to the world. Because if you’re not, I see it as you being selfish because those people need what you have to offer.


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Stacey's article on how to prepare to leave your day job and a previous interview on the topic that she did with The Root

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